Prince engines

The Prince Motor Company was a Japanese automobile manufacturer from 1952 until its merger with Nissan in 1966. The engines developed by the Prince Motor Company were used on the Prince cars and on the cars manufactured under the Nissan trademark.

Engine codeDisplacementPower output
Prince G-series
G-11.5 l54 kW; 73 HP
G-21.9 l72 kW; 96 HP
G-151.5 l70 kW; 94 HP
G-161.6 l74 kW; 99 HP
G-181.8 l105 PS; 77 kW; 104 HP
G-202.0 l81-92 kW; 110-123 HP
Prince GA-series
FG4A-101.5 l34 kW; 45 HP
FG4A-201.5 l39 kW; 52 HP
FG4A-301.5 l45 kW; 60 HP
GA301.5 l45 kW; 60 HP
GA-4 (FG4A-40)1.5 l52 kW; 70 HP
Prince GB-series
GB30 (FG4B-30)1.9 l60 kW; 80 HP
GB-4 (FG4B-40)1.9 l70 kW; 94 HP
Prince G-series
G-72.0 l79-95 kW; 106-127 HP
G7B-R2.0 l134 kW; 180 HP
G-82.0 l145-164 kW; 194-220 HP
G-112.5 l100 kW; 134 HP