Nissan SD22

Nissan SD22 diesel engineThe Nissan SD22 is a 2.2 l (2,164 cc) straight four, water-cooled diesel engine from SD family, manufactured by the Minsei Diesel Industries, Ltd., which was renamed Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd in 1960.

The engine was produced as MN 22 by Chrysler Marine (under license) for marine applications during the 1980s. The marine version, using a water-cooled exhaust manifold and expansion tank is also still available from other manufacturers.

The compression ratio is 20.8:1. Cylinder bore and piston stroke are 83.0 mm (3.27 in) and 100 mm (3.94 in), respectively. The Nissan SD22 engine produced from 60 HP (61 PS, 45 kW) to 70 HP (71 PS, 52 kW) of horsepower at 4,000 rpm.

The SD22 engine was equipped with Kiki-Bosch in-line fuel injection pump on most vehicle models. The Nissan SD22 was used in the Nissan Caravan E23 with Kiki-Bosch VE fuel injection pump, in Taiwan the engine was used in the Nissan Atlas F22 with C.A.V-D.P.A. fuel injection pump.

The breakdown of the engine code is as follows:

  • SD – Engine Family
  • 22 – 2.2 Liter Displacement

General information

Engine Specifications
Engine code SD22
Layout Straight-4, vertical
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement 2.2L, 2,164 cc (132.05 cu in)
Injection pump Diesel Kiki-Bosch (in-line or VE)
C.A.V-D.P.A. (Taiwan only)
Power adder None
Max. Horsepower 71 PS (70 HP, 52 Kw) at 4,000 rpm
Torque output
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Dimensions (L x H x W):

Cylinder block

The cylinder block has a monoblock high-strength cast-iron structure with replaceable dry liners. The SD22 had two modifications with three or five main bearings. The engine has a drop-forged steel crankshaft with balance weights, all main and connecting rod bearing surfaces are induction-hardened. Bearings are the precision type, steel-backed tri-metal shell.

The Nissan SD22 motor has an aluminum alloy piston for high strength, lightweight and good heat conductivity; three compression and two oil control rings (before 1981) and two compression and single oil control ring (after 1981), they are chrome-plated for long service life. The cylinder bore is 83 mm, piston stroke is 100 mm and the compression ratio rating is 20.8:1.

Cylinder block
Cylinder block alloy Cast iron
Compression ratio: 20.8:1
Cylinder bore: 83 mm (3.27 in)
Piston stroke: 100 mm (3.94 in)
Number of piston rings (compression / oil): Before 1981: 3 / 2
After 1981: 2 / 1
Number of main bearings: 3 or 5
Block Height: 268.00 mm (10.55 in)
Cylinder liner inner diameter: 82.995-83.025 mm (3.2675-3.2687 in)
Piston with 3 rings
Piston skirt diameter 82.905-82.945 mm (3.2640-3.2655 in)
Piston ring side clearance: №1 0.06-0.010 mm (0.0024-0.0039 in)
№2 0.04-0.08 mm (0.0016-0.0031 in)
№3 0.02-0.06 mm (0.0008-0.0024 in)
Piston ring end gap: №1 0.30-0.45 mm (0.0118-0.0177 in)
№2 0.20-0.35 mm (0.0079-0.0138 in)
№3 0.15-0.30 mm (0.0059-0.0118 in)
Piston with 5 rings
Piston skirt diameter 82.845-82.885 mm (3.2616-3.2632 in)
Piston ring side clearance: №1 0.06-0.010 mm (0.0024-0.0039 in)
№2 0.04-0.08 mm (0.0016-0.0031 in)
№3 0.04-0.08 mm (0.0016-0.0031 in)
№4,5 0.02-0.06 mm (0.0008-0.0024 in)
Piston ring end gap: №1 0.30-0.45 mm (0.0118-0.0177 in)
№2 0.20-0.35 mm (0.0079-0.0138 in)
№3 0.20-0.35 mm (0.0079-0.0138 in)
№4,5 0.15-0.30 mm (0.0059-0.0118 in)
Piston pin outer diameter 25.993-26.000 mm (1.0233-1.0236 in)
Piston pin bore diameter 26.025-26.038 mm (5.5295 – 5.5335 in)
Connecting rod center distance: 170.0 mm (6.69 in)
Crankshaft journal diameter: 70.907-70.920 mm (2.7916-2.7921 in)
Crankpin diameter: 52.913-52.926 mm (2.0832-2.0837 in)
Crankshaft center distance: 50.00 mm (1.9685 in)

Cylinder head

The SD22 has a one-piece high-strength cast iron cylinder head, special cast-iron valve inserts are shrink-fitted. It has high-quality cast iron camshaft, lobes are specially processed to improve hardness and durability.

The engine has OHV design with two valves per cylinder: one intake and exhaust made of special heat-resistant steel. The exhaust valve with a stellite-treated surface. Intake valves are 38 mm in diameter, and the exhaust valves are 32 mm.

Cylinder head
Cylinder head alloy Cast iron
Valve Arrangement: OHV
Valves: 8 (2 valves per cylinder)
Intake valves diameter: 38.0 mm (1.496 in)
Exhaust valves diameter: 32.0 mm (1.260 in)
Valves length: 117.0 mm (4.61 in)
Intake valve stem diameter: 7.970-7.985 mm (0.3138-0.3144 in)
Exhaust valves stem diameter: 7.945-7.960 mm (0.3128-0.3134 in)
Camshaft journal diameter: Front:45.434-45.447 mm (1.7887-1.7892 in)
Center:43.897-43.910 mm (1.7282-1.7287 in)
Front:41.218-41.231 mm (1.6228-1.6233 in)
Cam height: 37.28-37.32 mm (1.4677-1.4693 in)

Problems and malfunctions

The SD family of Nissan diesel engines are very reliable, strong, and ask for little in the way of maintenance. The engine uses industry-standard BOSCH injection system components (license-built by Diesel Kiki) and is known worldwide as a reliable, long-lived powerplant.

Maintenance data

Valve clearance (HOT)
Intake valve 0.35 mm (0.014 in)
Exhaust valve 0.35 mm (0.014 in)
Compression pressure
Standard 30 kg/cm2 (29.4 bar, 427 psi) / 200 rpm
Minimun 25 kg/cm2 (24.5 bar, 356 psi) / 200 rpm
Compression differential limit between cylinders 3 kg/cm2 (2.9 bar, 43 psi) / 200 rpm
Oil system
Recommended engine oil Semi Synthetic 10W-30 or 10W-40 (“CD” or higher: “CH”, “CI”)
Engine oil capacity 6.5 l (6.9 U.S. qt)
Fuel system
Injection timing Bosch-Kiki in-line: 20 ° B.T.D.C. / 600 rpm
Bosch-Kiki VE: 8 ° B.T.D.C. / 600 rpm
C.A.V-D.P.A.: 14.5 ° B.T.D.C. / 600 rpm
Idling Bosch-Kiki in-line and VE:
550-600 rpm (withuot power steering)
650-750 rpm (wiht power steering)
650 rpm
Max engine speed under no load Bosch-Kiki in-line: 4200-4400 rpm
Bosch-Kiki VE: 4500-4700 rpm
C.A.V-D.P.A.: 4250-4300 rpm
Glow plugs NGK Y-103

Tightening torque specs

Tightening torque specs (engine outer parts)
Water outlet bolt 10-13 Nm; 1.0-1.3 kg·m; 7-9 ft·lb
Water pump bolt (M8) 10-13 Nm; 1.0-1.3 kg·m; 7-9 ft·lb
Water pump bolt (M10) 20-25 Nm; 2.0-2.5 kg·m; 14-18 ft·lb
Manifold bolt and nut 15-18 Nm; 1.5-1.8 kg·m; 11-13 ft·lb
Injection pump nut (in-line) 20-25 Nm; 2.0-2.5 kg·m; 14-18 ft·lb
Injection pump nut (VE type) Nut: 20-25 Nm; 2.0-2.5 kg·m; 14-18 ft·lb
Bolt: 16-22 Nm; 1.6-2.2 kg·m; 12-16 ft·lb
Injection pump nut (C.A.V-D.P.A.) 15-20 Nm; 1.5-2.0 kg·m; 11-14 ft·lb
Injection nozzle to cylinder head Type 1: 59-69 Nm; 6.0-7.0 kg·m; 43-51 ft·lb
Type 2: 69-78 Nm; 7.0-8.0 kg·m; 51-58 ft·lb
Oil cooler bolt 10-13 Nm; 1.0-1.3 kg·m; 7-9 ft·lb
Oil cooler pipe nut 10-13 Nm; 1.0-1.3 kg·m; 7-9 ft·lb
Timing gear cover bolt 10-13 Nm; 1.0-1.3 kg·m; 7-9 ft·lb
Injection pump timer nut 59-69 Nm; 6.0-7.0 kg·m; 43-51 ft·lb
Injection tube flare nut 29-34 Nm; 3.0-3.5 kg·m; 22-25 ft·lb
Spill tube with cap nut 39-49 Nm; 4.0-5.0 kg·m; 29-34 ft·lb
Oil filter bracket bolt 26-36 Nm; 2.7-3.7 kg·m; 20-27 ft·lb
Alterator bracket bolt 26-36 Nm; 2.7-3.7 kg·m; 20-27 ft·lb
Alterator to adjusting bar bolt 11-14 Nm; 1.1-1.4 kg·m; 20-27 ft·lb
Diesel pump controller bolt 11-13 Nm; 1.1-1.3 kg·m; 7-9 ft·lb
Diesel pump controller bracket bolt 45-61 Nm; 4.6-6.2 kg·m; 33-45 ft·lb
Thermostat housing 10-131 Nm; 1.0-1.3 kg·m; 7-9 ft·lb
Engine internal parts
Main bearing cap bolt 167-172 Nm; 17.0-17.5 kg·m; 123-127 ft·lb
Crank pulley nut 294-324 Nm; 30-33 kg·m; 217-239 ft·lb
Flywheel bolt 44-49 Nm; 4.5-5.0 kg·m; 33-36 ft·lb
Flywheel bolt w/washer 127-147 Nm; 13-15 kg·m; 94-108 ft·lb
Front cover bolt (M6) 4-6 Nm; 0.4-0.6 kg·m; 2.9-4.3 ft·lb
Front cover bolt (M8) 10-13 Nm; 1.0-1.3 kg·m; 7-9 ft·lb
Front end plate bolt 10-13 Nm; 1.0-1.3 kg·m; 7-9 ft·lb
Camshaft gear bolt 44-49 Nm; 4.5-5.0 kg·m; 33-36 ft·lb
Oil pump bolt 13-19 Nm; 1.3-1.9 kg·m; 9-14 ft·lb
Oil pan bolt 7-10 Nm; 0.7-1.0 kg·m; 5.1-7.2 ft·lb
Cylinder head bolt Sub: 44-54 Nm; 4.5-5.5 kg·m; 33-40 ft·lb
Main: 118-127 Nm; 12-13 kg·m; 87-94 ft·lb
Rocker arm shaft bolt 20-25 Nm; 2.0-2.5 kg·m; 14-18 ft·lb
Rocker arm lock nut 20-25 Nm; 2.0-2.5 kg·m; 14-18 ft·lb
Camshaft thrust plate bolt 4-6 Nm; 0.4-0.6 kg·m; 2.9-4.3 ft·lb
Connecting rod big end nut 51-56 Nm; 5.2-5.7 kg·m; 38-41 ft·lb
Rocker cover bolt 10-13 Nm; 1.0-1.3 kg·m; 7-9 ft·lb
Oil jet (for piston) 29-39 Nm; 3.0-4.0 kg·m; 22-29 ft·lb

Type 1: Part № of injection nozzle: 16600-90060; 16600-36W00; 16600-T9000
Type 2: Part № of injection nozzle: 16600-37502; 16600-90012; 16600-90019; 16600-J5571; 16600-T3401; 16600-T3470; 16600-T6200; 16600-T6201; 16600-Y8400; 16600-Y8401

Vehicle applications

Model Years Produced
Nissan Caball QC141 1963-1965
Nissan Caball QC142 1965-1966
Nissan Caball C240 1966-1976
Nissan Junior Q40, Q41 1964-1970
Nissan Junior 140 1970-1982
Nissan Cedric 130 1966-1971
Nissan Cedric 230 1971-1975
Nissan Cedric 330 1976-1979
Nissan Cedric 430
Datsun 720 1980-1983
Nissan Caravan E20, E23
Nissan Homer F20
Nissan Datsun Cabstar (JDM)
Nissan Atlas F22 (Taiwan)
Prince Light Coach 1968-1976
Nissan / Prince Clipper
Nissan Civilian GC 240/340 1971-1973
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  1. I have a diesel motor in my boat, the valve cover has sd22 Nissan Chrysler stamped on it and says it’s 48 hp, do you have any info on this motor?

    • Information is not much.. It is the marine version of the Nissan SD22. Internally it is the same engine, but the manifolds are different and marine version has a direct coupled mechanical governor.

      • After research, I’m gathering that Nissan didn’t make a 48hp diesel, it sounds like they made a 48hp gas, and nissan diesel engines generate 60 to 70 hp engines, I’m thinking maybe the original valve cover was lost or misplaced, so someone put a gas Nissan engine valve cover on it. Can this be a possibilty??? I’d like to know what engine it is, so I can get it running, with new or rebuilt injector or possibly get injector pump replaced or rebuilt..

        • I have a marine version of Nissan sd22, Type 14 E, serial 404326. I need a Water cooled exhaust tank/manifold. Can anyone put me in contact with someone having one or a company still making one. My present location is Penang, Malaysia.

        • Jay, I thought a lot about your problem, looked for information but found nothing new. But I have a question: are you sure that 48 is exactly HP and not kW (65 HP = 48,47 kW)

  2. Hello
    I just bought a houseboat that has two sd22 motors that I don’t need. The boat is not going to be moved. Using as a live aboard. What price range can I get for them? I don’t know what year the motors are from. I have the manuals as well

  3. I have two SD22 Marine engines that need work, but the basics are all there. (They were run out of oil.) Between the two, 8 good injectors, two injector pumps and at least one marine transmission. That’s easily $2,000 worth of engine parts in addition to the blocks. Any reasonable offers out there? Oh, yes, also have the manuals!

  4. Have two SD22 Marine Chrysler/Nissan diesels with all injectors and injector pumps plus at least one marine transmission. All or could part out.

  5. I have an SD22 that ran for less than 100 hrs on a fish pump in Alaska. It is complete and in excellent condition. Seattle area location.

    • Hello Bill, you still have motor available I have one in my troller and am looking to replace having a spare would be nice. I’m located in
      SF Bay Area and can be on my way asap if so. Thanks

  6. Capt Phil…like to ask you…what marine transmission have you ? also what damper plate is used …would appreciate if you can help me cheers Ernst

    • Honda? Spin on oil filter?. Or element type oil filter with the thru-bolt? The element type is a;
      WIX 51399/Baldwin P7083/Hastings LF247

  7. Hello Bill, you still have motor available I have one in my troller and am looking to replace having a spare would be nice. I’m located in
    SF Bay Area and can be on my way asap if so. Thanks

  8. Anyone know of a spin on oil filter mod for the Marine SD-22 (MN4-33), to replace the element type filter? Thank you.

  9. I’ve got a 1983 Datsun 720 kingcab sd22 diesel with a manual trans. A garage took it apart and trashed the old flywheel on the fly wheel there’s suppose to be a extra mounting hole for the thing to mount up but every time I order one they give me a 6 hole flywheel needs 7 holes to mount it??

  10. I have a 1981 SD 22 running motor complete came out of my Datsun 720 pick up if that’s what you need I have it I’m in Southern California 805-276-5304

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