Toyota 5VZ-FE

Toyota 5VZ-FEThe Toyota 5VZ-FE is a 3.4 L (3,378 cc, 206.14 cu·in) V6, four-stroke cycle water-cooled naturally aspirated internal combustion gasoline engine, manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation since 1995 to 2004. The engine was producted on Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama.

The 5VZ-FE engine has 6 cylinders in a V arrangement at a bank angle of 60° The 5VZ-FE features a cast-iron cylinder block with a four-bearings crankshaft and two aluminum heads with two camshafts (DOHC) and four valves per cylinder (24 in total). The Toyota 5VZ-FE engine is equipped with SFI (Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection) system and “Direct Ignition System” (DIS) ignition system with three coils (one coil for two cylinders). The engine is also equipped with “Electronic Spark Advance” (ESA) which used the ECM to determine the ignition timing based on signals from sensors and adjust timing in response to engine knocking.

The cylinder bore is 93.5 mm (3.68 in) and the piston stroke is 82.0 mm (3.23 in). Compression ratio rating is 9.6:1. The Toyota 5VZ-FE engine produced 193 PS (142 kW; 190 HP) at 4,800 rpm of maximum power and 298 N·m (30.4 kg·m, 219.6 ft·lb) at 3,600 rpm of maximum torque.

The breakdown of the engine code is as follows:

  • 5 – 5 generation engine
  • VZ – Engine family
  • F – Economy narrow-angle DOHC
  • E – Multi Point Fuel Injection

General information

Engine Specifications
Engine code5VZ-FE
LayoutFour stroke, V6
Fuel typeGasoline (petrol)
Displacement3.4 L, 3,378 cm2 (206.14 cu in)
Fuel systemSequential multi-point fuel injection (MPFI)
Power adderNone
Power output 193 PS (142 kW; 190 HP) at 4,800 rpm
Torque output 298 N·m (30.4 kg·m, 219.6 ft·lb) at 3,600 rpm
Firing order1-2-3-4-5-6
Dimensions (L x W x H):

Cylinder block

The 5VZ-FE engine has deep-skirt cast-iron cylinder block in a V arrangement at a bank angle of 60°. This engine’s firing order is 1–2–3–4–5–6. The crankshaft is supported by 4 bearings.

The 5VZ-FE engine has a cast-iron crankshaft. The crankshaft is integrated with 5 counterbalance weights, for the LandCruiser Prado (90-Series) the crankshaft has nine counterbalance weights and a dual-mode damper. Crankshaft main journal diameter is 64.000 mm (2.52 in) and crankpin diameter is 55.000 mm (2.16 in)

The engine used forged, sintered connecting rods and aluminum pistons with full-floating type piston pins. Each piston is equipped with two compressions and one oil control rings. The cylinder bore is 93.5 mm (3.68 in) and the piston stroke is 82.0 mm (3.23 in). Compression ratio rating is 9.6:1.

Cylinder block
Cylinder block alloyCast-iron
Compression ratio:9.6:1
Cylinder bore:93.5 mm (3.68 in)
Piston stroke:82.0 mm (3.23 in)
Number of piston rings (compression / oil):2 / 1
Number of main bearings:4
Cylinder inner diameter (standard):93.500-93.510 mm (3.6811-3.6815 in)
Piston skirt diameter (standard):93.356-93.376 mm (3.6754-3.6762 in)
Piston pin outer diameter:21.997-22.009 mm (0.866-0.8665 in)
Connecting rod bushing inner diameter:22.005-22.017 mm (0.8663-0.8668 in)
Piston ring side clearance:Top0.040-0.080 mm (0.0016-0.0031 in)
Second0.030-0.070 mm (0.0012-0.0028 in)
Piston ring end gap:Top0.300-0.500 mm (0.0118-0.0197 in)
Second0.400-0.600 mm (0.0157-0.0236 in)
Oil0.150-0.550 mm (0.0059-0.0217 in)
Crankshaft main journal diameter:63.985-64.000 mm (2.5191-2.5197 in)
Crankpin diameter:54.987-55.000 mm (2.1648-2.1654 in)

Main bearing cap bolts tightening procedure and torque specs:

  • Step 1: 61 Nm; 6.2 kg·m; 45 ft·lb
  • Step 2: Turn bolts 90°

After securing bearing cap bolts, make sure crankshaft turns smoothly by hand.

Connecting rod bearing bolts

  • Step 1: 25 Nm; 2.5 kg·m; 18 ft·lb
  • Step 2: Turn bolts 90°

Crankshaft pulley bolt

  • 250 Nm; 25.0 kg·m; 184 ft·lb

Cylinder head

The cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy. The 5MZ-FE engine has double overhead camshafts DOHC design with four valves per cylinder (two intake and two exhaust valves). The intake camshafts are driven by a belt and the exhaust camshafts are driven by gears off the intake camshafts. The intake duration is 226° and the exhaust duration is 226°. The stock size of fuel injectors is 276 cm2 per minute.

Cylinder head
Block head alloyAluminium
Valve Arrangement:DOHC, belt drive
Cylinder head height:
Valves:24 (4 valves per cylinder)
Intake valve timing:226°
Exhaust valve timing:230°
Valve head diameter:INTAKE
Valve length:INTAKE95.15 mm (3.7461 in)
EXHAUST94.90 mm (3.7362 in)
Valve stem diameter:INTAKE5.970-5.985 mm (0.235-0.2356 in)
EXHAUST5.965-5.980 mm (0.2348-0.2354 in)
Valve spring free length:INTAKE44.78 mm (1.763 in)
EXHAUST44.78 mm (1.763 in)
Camshaft lobe height:INTAKE42.31-42.41 mm (1.6657-1.6697 in)
EXHAUST41.96-42.06 mm (1.652-1.6559 in)
Camshaft journal diameter:26.949-26.965 mm (1.061-1.0616 in)

Head tightening procedure and torque specs:

  • 12 pointed head Step 1: 34 Nm; 3.5 kg·m; 25 ft·lb
  • Step 2: Turn all bolts 90°
  • Step 3: Turn all bolts another 90°
  • Recessed head: 18 Nm; 1.8 kg·m; 13 ft·lb

Maintenance data

Valve clearance (Cold)
Intake valve0.13-0.23 mm (0.0051-0.0091 in)
Exhaust valve0.27-0.37 mm (0.0106-0.0146 in)
Compression pressure
Standard12.2 kg/m2 (177 psi) / 300 rpm
Minimun10.2 kg/m2 (148 psi) / 300 rpm
Compression differential limit between cylinders1.0 kg/m2 (15 psi) / 300 rpm
Oil system
Oil consumption , L/1000 kmup to 1.0
Recommended engine oilSAE 5W-30
Oil type APISH
Engine oil capacity (Refill capacity) Without filter change 5.2-5.4 liters (5.5-5.7 US qts, 4.6-4.8 Imp, qts)
With filter change 5.4-5.7 liters (5.7-6.0 US qts, 4.8-5.0 Imp. qts)
Oil change interval, km (miles)10,000 (6,000)
Oil Pressure Idle speed: More than 29 kPa (0.3 kg/cm2, 4.3 psi)
3,000 rpm: 245-520 kPa (2.5-5.3 kg/cm2, 36 – 75 psi)
Ignition system
Spark plugNGK: BKR5EKB–11 DENSO: K16TR11
Spark plug gap1.1 mm (0.0433 in)
Spark plug tightening torque18 Nm (1.8 kg⋅m, 13 ft⋅lb)

Valve clearance adjustment data

Calculate the thickness of new adjusting valve shim so valve clearance comes within specified values.

R = Thickness of removed valve shim
N = Thickness of new valve shim
M = Measured valve clearance

N = R + [M – 0.20 mm (0.008 in)]
N = R + [M – 0.30 mm (0.012 in)]

Valve shims are available in 17 sizes to range from 2.50 mm (0.0984 in) to 3.30 mm (0.1299 in), in steps of 0.05 mm (0.0020 in).

Example (exhaust valve):
R = 2.70 mm
M = 0.52 mm
N = 2.70 + (0.45 – 0.30) = 2.85 mm.

Vehicle applications

ModelYears Produced
Toyota Tacoma1995–2004
Toyota Tundra2000–2004
Toyota T-1001995–1998
Toyota 4Runner1996–2002
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado1993–2004
Toyota Granvia
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  1. The oil capacity has mentioned is wrong. The oil capacity of 5vz-fe is 5.4 liters wo filter and 5.7 liter with filter

  2. i am looking for new engine and full setup of 1997 land cruiser prado with the maximum updated without modification.

  3. I was thinking about putting the 5vz – fe in my 1995 Hilux that right now has a 22r motor in it. My question is does any of the 5vz – fe engines match the 1995 22r gearbox bell housing?

    • No sadly, but u can find adapter plates to it, the 22r transmission is able to handle 700LBS of torque so you’ll be okay to

  4. this is the best engine toyota has ever produced in my opinion,
    I know a guy that has this engine in a toyota tundra with over 450 thousand miles, and it still runs like a Singer sewing machine.

  5. and I have a 2000 tundra with this engine, bought it with 115,000 miles, it has 158,000 miles now and i Haven’t had to touch a thing on it, except the original alternator started to go at 150k.

    • My comment was a reply to qadeer ahmed and the oil capacity. I thought it would post by his comment. The website listed the correct capacity.

  6. This is definitely a bulletproof motor I have rolled mine 2 different times it has 280,000 hard Montana Rocky Mountain miles on it all it did was roll back over smoke a bit cough shake it off and go another 89,000 and do it again u will never never trade in a 1996 t100 v6 w lockers on 38”yo-yos

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  8. can you please let me know what bolt kit i need for 3.4L water pump i have missplaced my coffee can 1997 tacoma thank you

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